Elephant LED Oil Burner

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Perfect to clear, refresh, calm, sooth or invigorate your senses. These captivating electric aroma burners feature an intricately laser cut elephant design. Ideal to add ambient lighting in areas like the bedroom, conservatory or living room

The advantage of this burner is that it does not use naked flames, making it safer and more convenient than tealights or candles. Approximate dimensions 25.5cm high 10cm diameter - UK plug CE Certified

Choose one of the seven colour light features or simply let the lamp provide it's magical multi-colour effect

Create your own mood and ambiance by adding a fragrance wax melt or a few drops of your chosen essential oil to the glass dish

Whether you are eliminating cooking or pet odours or wanting to create a relaxed or vibrant atmosphere in your home our fabulous aromatherapy lamps are a perfect way to do just this

A stunning aroma lamp, the laser cut design casts beautiful silhouettes. Perfect to freshen up a room while creating a peaceful ambience