Gold 3 Wick Sandlewood Candle Dish

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Nothing better than a candle that not smells divine but looks good too! 
This elegant candle holder, produced in ceramic with a polished gold effect finish, would make a lovely table centrepiece for a romantic dinner setting.
Place in a window so the light can be seen from outside, or simply just place on your fireplace to get the full effect once lit. 
Understated, stylish and elegant, it adds a sophisticated look to your home effortlessly. 
In a shallow ceramic bowl, this hammered design around the edges would go with any decor you have in your home, whether it be modern or traditional. 
Moulded in elegant cream, ivory coloured wax with 3 individual wicks, these are perfectly blended to create a slow even burn. 
This Sandalwood Fragrance will be a favourite fragrance around your home.
Shape: Dish/Bowl Style 
Design: Mirrored Ceramic 
Approx. Size: 14 x 3.5 cm